Tomo Arigato is a secure platform for matching classes in different areas, countries, and languages.

As a teacher, you'll be able to:

  • Browse and match with compatible classes based on a number of filter criteria
  • Coordinate and monitor your students' pairings
  • Interact with administrators and parents
  • Maintain full control of your online teaching environment

Fill out online forms

Step 1 - Register

  1. Visit the registration page.
  2. Select "teacher" as your role.
  3. Fill out your basic personal information.
  4. Add your school. If your school is:
    • Registered, you'll need an invite from a current teacher or administrator to join.
    • Not yet registered, you can register your school by providing some basic authentication, including official contact information to conduct a validation check.
  5. Add your expected class size and what aspects of matching with another class you and and your students are most interested in.
  6. Submit.
Verify identity and information

Step 2 - Review

  1. Once your registration is submitted, your information with be verified and you will be notified that either:
    • Your account has been approved and is now active, including a log in link to your profile.
    • We have additional questions to confirm your identity and affiliation with your selected educational institution for you to complete and respond.
Joining your school

Step 3. Joining your school

If your request to join your school is approved by a current teacher or administrator, you will automatically be granted permission and see your school details and tools upon logging in.

If you submitted a new school, your school's registration information will need to be verified. This includes conducting an authentication on and using the official contact information you provided. Afterwards, you will be notified that either:

  • Your school submission is approved, and you will see your school details and information upon logging in.
  • We need additional information to verify your institution.

Step 4. Find a match

Online meeting
  1. Visit our school map or search page to browse other available partner schools. You can browse by various criteria including:
    • Location
    • Class size
    • Matching focus (culture exchange, language practice, remote projects, etc.)
    • and more!
  2. Introduce yourself, and send and review partnership suggestions with other schools.
  3. Once a match is approved by both teachers, both teachers will be granted access to view each other's class details.
Connect and learn!

Step 5: Connect and learn!

Once a match is made you can collaborate with your partner to:

  1. Discuss goals, schedules, frequency, and other details.
  2. Review your partner's class information and collaborate to pair up students.
  3. Track and review students' correspondences.

Get Started

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